Transporting a lithium battery incorrectly?

Transporting a lithium battery incorrectly?
Breaking the Rules of Class 9 Shipping Requirements could cost you.
Regulation and Policy Update
Volume 1, 2006

Did you know the DOT has the authority to issue fines up to $32,500 per infraction? The fine per package could exceed $200,000. Know your responsibilities. Class 9 shipments require special labeling, packaging, markings, and paperwork. You must list a 24-hour emergency number and be sure it is monitored by competent staff 24 hours a day while the hazardous material is in transport.

Hazmat training is required as defined by 49 CFR 172.700 for employees working with Class 9 materials. This includes knowledge of emergency response information, self-protection measures, accident prevention methods, and procedures. Training must be done every 3 years by all employees who work with Class 9 materials. There is mandated record keeping requirements for hazmat training.

To see the list of guidelines the Office of Hazardous Materials uses to make penalty determinations in enforcement cases, click here.
You can also view the enforcement reports at

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