• Performance Testing

Performance Testing

At Mobile Power Solutions, we’re focused on battery testing solutions. Our state-of-the-art lab and experienced engineering team are fully equipped to complete cell and battery performance characterization to your company’s specific requirements.

Real-world Characterization Testing
Cells and batteries differ, and performance varies widely. MPS tests to “real world” conditions. Our results enable you to choose the optimal cell or battery offerings for your application. Mobile Power Solutions’ MACCOR cyclers are factory calibrated, and included as part of our ANAB accreditation and scope.

ANSI C18.1M and C18.3M Testing

MPS performs general and safety testing to ANSI C18.1M for portable primary cells and batteries with aqueous electrolyte and to ANSI C18.3M for portable lithium primary cells and batteries. These are so-called “household” batteries. A typical test is comparing the run time of hearing aid batteries from manufacturers X and Y.

Our Performance Analysis
Our standard performance testing includes:

  • Cycle life
  • Rate capability
  • Duty cycle
  • Environmental conditions (temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity)

Cell Qualification

  • Cycle life
  • Capacity
  • Accelerated life and storage analysis

Custom Performance Testing
MPS can perform custom safety and performance testing with full data acquisition and analysis.

Our laboratory features:

  • Complete data acquisition, including video, for all performance and safety testing
  • Equipment calibrated to NIST traceable standards
  • Controlled-temperature environments

Learn more about our safety and regulatory testing capabilities.

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