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Electrical Vehicle Battery Testing and ResearchWith years of proven, expert experience in the field, Mobile Power Solutions is trusted by major electric vehicle manufacturers for a broad range of EV battery testing and research that meets specific, exacting needs. Our expertise across a variety of vehicles — including cars, trucks and motorcycles — covers the bases from cell to module to battery level testing (up to 480 A/55 V applications).

Mobile Power Solutions is more than just a testing company. Our in-house science group, headed by a Ph.D electrochemist, interfaces with EV engineering groups. It’s this level of technical subject knowledge and service that ensures you get the right testing, analysis and results to meet your requirements.


  • Asymmetric heating
  • Nail penetration
  • Fresh water/ salt water immersion
  • Single point failure propagation
  • Module crush
  • Life cycle performance at temperature
  • HPPC testing
  • Dynamic stress test (DST)
  • Accelerated aging
  • Module overcharge
  • Module over discharge
  • Module external short circuit

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